Project facts

NEMESIS is co-funded by the Horizon Europe programme of the European Union.

Programme, topic and call

Funded by the European Union and EU flag

Basic information

  • Full title: Novel Effect biomarkers for MEtabolic disruptorS: evidence on health Impacts to science and policy needS
  • Grant Agreement ID: 101137405
  • Duration: 1 January 2024 – 31 December 2028
  • Total cost: 7 965 638,75 €, EU grant amount 7 881 685,25 €
  • Coordinator: University of Eastern Finland, Professor Jaana Rysä

Work packages

WP1: Coordination, management and dissemination, leader Jaana Rysä
WP2: Multi-country exposure assessment of EDCs and biomarker discovery for EDC-mediated health effects, leader Tim Nawrot
WP3: EDC effects and mechanisms in liver, leader Volker Lauschke
WP4: EDC effects and mechanisms in the endocrine pancreas, leader Miriam Cnop
WP5: EDC mechanisms and effects – the influence of gut microbiota on host responses, leader Nanna Fyhrquist
WP6: Non-mammalian and mammalian in vivo models for metabolic and cardiovascular adverse outcomes of EDCs and associated mechanisms, leader Jukka Hakkola
WP7: MDC systems biology and novel biomarkers, leader Vittorio Fortino
WP8: Boosting risk assessment, policy action, citizens engagement and knowledge transfer for EDC exposure prevention, leader Susana Viegas

External Scientific Advisory Board

Åke Bergman
David Dorman
Lisbeth E. Knudsen
Olavi Pelkonen
Suchetana De Storvik

Further information

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NEMESIS brochure

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