Work Package 8 „Coordination“

This work package covers the coordination of the overall project. On the one hand, the duties of the coordinator are directed towards the fulfilment of the scientific and technological objectives of the project. This includes enhancement of the communication within the consortium as well as monitoring of project progress in terms of achievement of milestones. Implementation of the work plan and adjustments due to deviations from the expected scientific and technological results are important tasks to guarantee for the overall success of the project. The coordinator will be responsible to communicate progress and project results to the Commission by deliverables and periodic reporting. Dissemination of the project results will be fostered on scientific and commercial level.

On the other hand the administrative and financial side of the project is concerned. This includes handling of any contractual issues as well as distribution and controlling of the budget.

Description of work
The work in WP8 is broken down into 3 tasks: 

8.1 Management of S/T objectives of the project (DLR, m01 – m36)

  • Initiation and enhancement of communication within the consortium
    • Installation of a teamsite for management of project internal documents
    • Initiation and chairing of overall project meetings and WP meetings
  • Monitoring of project progress and achievement of objectives through deliverables and milestones
  • Monitoring of the implementation of the work plan and initiation of adjustments if necessary
  • Dissemination on scientific and commercial level

8.2 Reporting (DLR, m01 – m36)

  • Responsibility for reports and initiation of reporting process within the consortium
  • Communication of reporting issues with the Commission

8.3 Management of administrative and financial issues (DLR, m01 – m36)

  • Distribution and controlling of budget
  • Management of any contractual and administrative issues