Work Package 1 „Definition Phase“

This work package constitutes the starting point of the project. In the first three months all partners will contribute to define the system specifications and operating regime of the prototype unit. Based on the existing 50 Nm3 H2/h fuel processor technology of HyGear the project targets and development goals will be translated into technical targets and functional requirements for the various components and materials incorporated. Furthermore the liquid (bio-)fuels to be used in the project will be characterized in terms of chemical composition and thermo-physical properties.

Description of work

The work in WP1 is broken down into 2 tasks: 

1.1  Definition of system specifications (HYG, DLR, JM, AH, ABSR, APTL, IST, m01 – m03)

  • Input on existing state-of-the-art 50 Nm3 H2/h natural gas hydrogen generation system from HyGear (HYG)
    • Basic layout,
    • Fluid interfaces,
    • Control interfaces,
    • System operation.
  • Input on state-of-the-art for subcomponents and functional materials (ALL)
  • Definition of the specifications of the system to be developed in terms of mass flow rates, thermal stages, pressure level, gas composition at the interfaces between the sub-components and modules, desulphurisation level, hydrogen product gas purity (ALL)
  • Identification of constraints for the integration of sub-components due to their specific properties (HYG, JM, APTL, IST)
  • Translation of specifications and requirements into technical targets for the prototype unit (HYG)
  • Identification of process options for the overall system (DLR, ALL)

1.2  Fuel Supply and Characterisation (ABSR, DLR, m01 - m03)

  • Supply of biodiesel (as established in the biodiesel supply plan) with technical and chemical characteristics as it is produced in the plant of Abengoa Bioenergía San Roque (ABSR).
  • Biodiesel logistics/transport. Each partner will take responsibility for the fuel logistic/transport (ABSR)
  • Chemical analysis of fuel samples in laboratory (hydrocarbon composition, sulphur species, boiling curve, viscosity, density, oxidation stability, heating value etc.) (ABSR, DLR)
  • Development of surrogate mixture to be used in system simulation for diesel and biodiesel based on chemical analysis (DLR)