Management Structure

The seven participating beneficiaries together form the Consortium. The General assembly is the decision-making body of the Consortium, consisting of one representative of each Party. Ordinary Meetings of General Assembly are hold at least every six month.

The Coordination task is fulfilled by DLR being well experienced in the coordination of European projects and having the necessary administrative and legislative infrastructure. The coordinator constitutes the focal point of the project. His main tasks include communication with the European Commission on any scientific, administrative and financial aspects as well as all communication within the consortium. He will monitor the scientific progress of the project and is responsible for all project results to be submitted to the Commission.

All day-to-day business is done on work package level. Each work package is headed by a work package leader (WPL) who is responsible for the scientific progress and achievement of the technical targets having been specified. The WPL is also in charge of the preparation of deliverables and the sections in the reports in his specific work package. He can schedule meetings on WP level and will be in close contact with the other WPLs to assure sufficient exchange of information.